Landscape Design

Our philosophy of design is simple and uses permaculture as a guide.  We humans can live in a way that encourages an awareness of our role within nature rather than the perpetuated illusion of separation from and dominance over nature.  The outdoor environment surrounding our homes can be extensions of the indoor environment of our homes and can function to serve us in as many ways as possible without harming the ecological integrity of the place.  Food, medicine, fiber, fuel, and beauty are some of the major functions that our home landscapes has the potential of providing.

The first step in our design process is an initial consultation.  This is where we learn about you, your tastes, your routines, and your desires.  We also use this opportunity to learn about the land, its current uses and history, as well as how the site feels.

This initial meeting also serves to give you ideas of what to do with your land.  If you then decide to have us create a plan we can either recieve a copy of the property survey from you or we can survey the site and generate a property base map including all relevant existing landscape structures (trees, big rocks, sheds, neighbors houses, etc).

Our next step is to gather lots of data about the site including soils, sun shade patterns, wind corridors, wildlife corridors, drainage patterns, and surrounding ecosystem.  This information is analyzed in order to identify what should be preserved and what can be changed.

During the beginning phase of designing we identify many opportunities and come up with many preliminary solutions and concepts that we share with you in order to find the best and most logical design that is particularly suited to you.

After design decisions are made between you and us the next step is to draw up a master plan and supporting graphics which are a document which will be used for any future installation.